Elite Shots & abK Music News

Elite Shots This is my newest youtube series. I am editing shots from my streams and releasing some of the better 1 shots, 2 kills, or even 3 kills. This series will release new videos monday - friday. Elite Shots with New Music Every 3 weeks I release a [...]

Trance featuring Lorenz Scruggs

Trance was a track from my first album named "Peace of my soul" found still on Pandora here: https://www.pandora.com/DJABK. UGH was a hip-hop track written by Lorenz Scruggs in 2013. Lorenz Scruggs is an artists from Ashtabula, Ohio that has written many [...]

True Warrior featuring WaKil

True Warrior feat. WaKil by DJABK esports anthem; a dedication video from me to esports this is me just having fun with old esl footage; using the song, "True Warrior." Video games have been my life since Cyber Athete League aka CAL. I competed my [...]
To my love & light,

Welcome home CD PLAYERS!

Welcome back! Hope you’re liking the new changes to the website. I am adding more of me for you on here and I hope this help you meet me better. If you’re new to my website and you’re finding yourself here wondering what rabbit hole you found yourself [...]