ESports Music Entertinment by TheRealdjabk the new era of music for gamers, competitors, and creators around the world.

New artists, new music, a whole new musical experience.

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What is ESports Music Entertainment:

I have been in ESports scene for my whole life in many different games.  Gamers enjoy music but REAL music with life experiences.
Traveling to many different lans to expand the E-Sports Music scene  to grow ESports via Entertainment because Music still is the missing element.
The idea is having artists dedicated to E-Sports for the fans, competitors, and creators to unite the scene through-out the world.
Being able to enjoy the music across many different countries uniting us together finally instead of apart. To come together because of similar interests. 

Who is TheRealDjabk?

I started playing Counter-Strike 1.5 downloaded on 56k modem dial up from in game friends introduced by Blizzard Entertainment game Diablo 2.
I participated in Cyber-athlete Amateur League (CAL);  Cyber-athlete Professional League (CPL); and CEVO for Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source; Call of Duty 1 & 2.

For professional teams:
Unitary Guerrilla Platoon (CAL/CPL/Everlan).

My left hand sustained permanent loss of function and I have to wear a brace everyday forever. My mentality took a hit and I struggle; even today.
I now live Ohio; married with 5 children. Retired from the military suffering the loss of use of my hand due to nerve damage while developing PTSD.

It has taken me 7 years since to partially recover and to find my “new mission in life” through rediscovery of my passion of gaming. I use video games as my in home therapy regimen.
Competing and throughout the journey win or loss; I am recording it; sharing it on