Burger King & PlayStation

Fast food outlet Burger King is looking to tap into the world of gamers. Position itself as the restaurant of choice during those high endurance multiplayer sessions, by positioning the Burger Clan within Sony’s PlayStation 4 online community.

The scheme, currently located in Spain where the fast food chain was first in the category to offer home delivery. We will see the Burger Clan appear in select multiplayer PlayStation 4 games to both aid gamers (and take their food orders).

Looking to shock and reward gamers, and perhaps generate a degree if excitement within the gaming community. The scheme will task Burger Clan members with an unusual degree of multitasking as they deliver the mandatory line “do you want fries with that?”

Bianca Shen, marketing director for Burger King Spain, said: “Burger Clan is a creative disruption in both the home delivery and gaming worlds and it strikes a great balance between useful and fun. As a brand we love acting differently but with a strong purpose and relevance. Burger Clan is a great example of this thinking.”




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