DJABK"s elite shots with new music


Today a new episode of "Elite Shots with new music" was release onto my YouTube. My song "Change Up," was apart of the "The Future EP" release that was done 1.31.2018 and released at 11:59pm. Change up is a song that is way different but it will have your head bopping.

The game of choice was counter-strike global offense for this release as I have had a lot of fun playing it was some nasty shots. I love the aim training I have been doing.

Next Friday, I have a song being release to the ABK Experience playlist with an artists named "Lorenz Scruggs" called "Trance (UGG Remix)" its a hiphop song gone quack with edm. Its different and something to be enjoyed in its own.

In other news, tonight - 3.8.2019, I will be playing in the's player unknown's battlegrounds branch battle qualifers tonight in round 1. I will be trying to place top 5 to play for the Marines in Las Vegas.

I also added my editing skills to the public and it will cost. Time is valuable and so is money.

Thanks for hanging out and reading




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