As Esports grows into Highschool

I have been in esports my whole life minus the time I was injured in the Marines. As I see the scene grow further into society as a normal thing; I would like to just talk about it. As the foundations are being laid in front of us right now in 2019 for highschoolers to compete in an esports league is amazing and insane at the same time. The world is really changing in front of us and there is way more opportunity than one can realize.

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What is an esports? Esports is a form of competition using video games. Most commonly, esports takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams.

We need to make sure these kids are being taking care of. Mentally as a competitor in any sport can be rough. Esports isn’t a physically thing as much as a mental thing because of the less physical needs to play video games unless virtual reality becomes a normal which get ready because that is coming.The issue’s I foresee is no separation from practicing their sport at home or school because of the internet. There needs to be a schedule placed with a routine so children can learn how to be in esports and healthy in a physical sense also. The seperation from esports and studies is a skill that will need to be worked on. Trust me as a player for years school became a problem for me to concentrate because I was good and wanted to compete because I loved it and its all I thought about. I believe though that’s because I couldn’t talk to my parents or make them understand what I was doing. To them I was wasting my life away and I was going to turn into the dirt because all I did was compete or in their mind play video games.


Educating parents to help their children within esports is going to be key to keep the newer generations healthier and in better physical condition.

Esports allows people with disabilities to be normal with their piers without hindering the performance of the team. There are many ways for anyone to compete. Which is an amazing quality of life upgrade for sports in general to include everyone no matter what. As a disabled Marine; I tore my bicep off my bone and caused a hematoma to form and compress the brachial plexus in my left shoulder and it killed my arm and caused nerve damage. I can still play video games and feel apart of community; the power of that is life changing.

Being able to compete in high school will mean college scholarships are going to become common. Working hard and paying attention now to your kids behavior and setting them up for future is going to pay dividends in the future for them especially in esports if this is their interest. Setting up a productive routine within school, exercise, practice for aim, studying ones footage to become better, then in team games the hard task of communication and listening to one while in the heat of the moment. These are some of the skills that will be needed and worked on to become more calm during highly competitive.

I would love to help kids or be a coach to give my guidance and experience to these children and young adults. If you’re someone who would like that please get into contact with me on socials @TheRealDJABK


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