TheRealDjabk releases his newest single from his newest unreleased album “Love is my Weapon” called “Full Force”

(Please turn down your sound!)

Full Force was created in a life threatening battle recently when my colon perforated.
I was just messing with sounds before I was sick.
While I was in the hospital on IV antibiotics I kept hearing these sounds come together inside my head.
I just feel that this song was given to me.

This song is created for those fighting, on the line, and they can’t give up.
This is about going ham and not turning around to look; ESports Music Entertainment.

When you go Full Force….you don’t take the blood thinners; you get out of your bed and walk. You walk and you keep walking.

Never give up because someone out there is counting on you to be strong.

Without you here…..

You wouldn’t be able to be Full Force for those who need you to be continually inspired.

Your in control.

Just like Full force by TheRealDjabk

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About TheRealDjabk:
 I started playing Counter-Strike 1.5 downloaded on 56k modem dial up from in game friends introduced by Blizzard Entertainment game Diablo 2. I participated in Cyber-athlete Amateur League (CAL); Cyber-athlete Professional League (CPL); and CEVO for Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source; Call of Duty 1 & 2. For professional teams: THE STOMPING GROUNDS (COD) and Unitary Guerrilla Platoon(CAL/CPL/Everlan). I now live Ohio; married with 5 children. Retired from the military suffering the loss of use of my hand due to nerve damage while developing PTSD. It has taken me 7 years since to partially recover and to find my “new mission in life” through rediscovery of my passion of gaming. I use video games as my in home therapy regimen. Competing and throughout the journey win or loss; I am recording it; sharing it on At the same time I love music and streaming needs music; as I create albums and singles I will release them. I am looking for local artists of any genre at the same time from my city to help share our work for the world to hear the city of Ashtabula, Ohio.


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