Welcome back! Hope you’re liking the new changes to the website. I am adding more of me for you on here and I hope this help you meet me better.

If you’re new to my website and you’re finding yourself here wondering what rabbit hole you found yourself in? A music one. We’re a community that spreads awareness for PTSD and depression while spinning some artists we may have never heard of from my hometown in Ashtabula, Ohio.

I use video games and Twitch.tv to help maintain a routine daily. In the military I tore my bicep off my bone. The hospital didn’t know what was going on but after 5 days of not doing anything eventually they did an MRI that found a hematoma (6cm by 7cm) that crushed the brachial plexus nerves in your shoulder.  I use video games for physical therapy even though that may sound mad.

While doing all of this…..

I edit videos to release new music for your entertainment and a new way for me to release new music.

Keep checking back as new thing are coming! <3


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