Final Deception by Downcore album cover

Reborn by Downcore




DOWNCORE was an idea that started in studio with the intent to go back to the roots of clean rock.

After hours of auditions from many musicians, the band added Doug Fenton & Doug Fenton Jr. which brought the sound of DOWNCORE alive.
With the help of other fellow musicians and friends..Mike Louden ( Drums ) Greg Gruben ( Guitar ) DOWNCORE put out the latest full album FINAL DECEPTION .

A little harder edge with the same in your face rocking sound !!!

DOWNCORE’s music the response has been overwhelming and we’d like to thank all our fans that have stuck with us; and say “Hey” to all the new ones.

Special thanks to Maunus Records and Ghost Turd Productions for bringing our ideas to life.
Feel free to let us know what you think of our music and never give up the awesomeness of that song that rocks you ass !!!!
Hope to see you at our shows….m/ m/ PEACE


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