Rocket Shipped EP ***NEW RELEASE***

This is the playlist I use for my streams. I update this list with my music that is finished and mastered so you can have access to a playlist of all my songs for your conveniences and entertainment. Eventually, all my work will be uploaded to Apple Music, Spotify, etc. 

The Spotify Playlist

Helps support my future endeavors with continually being a streamer for gaming content and working on music. If you would like to support me further and you like my music please follow me on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc.

Music is my Religion

My second album; created during a point where I had nothing but music helping me crawl through all the life decisions that ended my path to rock bottom.  This album is about my devotion to myself to continue because Music is my Religion. 

You can also find this album on Pandora.

Peace of my Soul

Peace of my Soul was created during my journey through southern California. I lived in Pacific Beach, CA for a while and enjoy the EDM underground scene. I loved all the people I meet and this album is the first music expression that I shared with the world. I hope you enjoy what I learned. 

You can also find this album on Pandora.