DjABK Just Dropped an ESports Anthem ‘True Warrior Feat. Wakil’

DjABK has just released a new song for all the gamers out there looking for some motivation to become champions. Just like we listen to party anthems to bring life to the party or the motivational rap songs to get a boost of energy when working out, the Esports Anthem will bring life to an intense gaming session.

The lyrics of the song are written by Chief WaKil and the music is composed by DjABK. The song is dedicated by DjABK, who is a hardcore gamer, to the whole ESports community to boost the morale of the players and help them show their best game in the tournaments and championships.

The Message of the Song:
After going through a whole lot of thought-process and creative thinking, DjABK decided to make a contribution to the growth of the gaming community. That is why he gave ESports its very own anthem that is solely dedicated to the players on a very personal level and is highly relatable as well.

The song talks about how every player goes through hell to increase his/her gaming skills, and now when it is finally the time, victory is near, all he needs to do is to reach to the finish line and never ever give up. The player has to believe that he is the greatest gamer ever lived. Because honestly, believing is achieving!

Whenever a gamer is practicing and sharpening his skills in those late nights, he should have faith; a time will come, he will become the champion, the only thing he needs is faith.

This is the basic message of the song and is solely written to pay tribute to the hardcore gamers who do not let anything stand in their way when it comes to making an effort to reaching the top of the leaderboards.

Who is it for?
Though the song is created for the whole gaming community of the world, DjABK has dedicated it to the ESports gaming where gaming tournaments are held for games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and DOTA etc.

But, the song is not limited to the gamers who are competing in the ESports tournaments, every gamer who has a dream of being a true champion can listen to this beautiful ESports anthem and get the victory vibes out of it.

Who is DjABK?
DjABK is proud of the country, a Marine who devoted his life to serving his nation. But when he tore his bicep off that caused nerve damage from his brachial plexus, he had to wear a brace to keep his wrist in place which he wears till now.

In the times when DjABK desperately needed something to take his mind off of the depressing thoughts right after his accident, he turned to gaming. And video games helped him recover and get back to life. And now by utilizing his musical talent, DjABK has created an ESports anthem as a gesture of saying thank you.

So….Let The Games Begin:
True Warrior is the blend of WaKil’s morale-boosting lyrics and DjABK’s energetic music. To feel the incredible and invigorating vibes this song sends your way, listen to it on Spotify.

I created a montage video with True Warrior. I will add it below! <3


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